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You will LOVE being part of the HEALING MAMA™ Panel of Healthcare & Wellness Experts!

We’ve partnered with birth workers, doctors, health professionals, healthcare practitioners, and wellness practitioners to create the HEALING MAMA™ Panel of Healthcare & Wellness Experts. We have assembled this panel to expose and showcase new and expectant parents to the vast array of practitioners they can utilize to support and empower their labor, delivery, postpartum care, and family care.

Our panel of healthcare & wellness experts consists of one expert for each professional field.

Note: If your field of expertise is open and available, please apply.

If not, please stay in touch or apply to become a Partner.

Please complete the form below so that we can learn a little more about you and your business. At HEALING MAMA™ Co. we take the time to get to know you and your business and we invest our time and resources for both of our success. Therefore, we conduct a thorough screening process for each application.

HEALING MAMA™ Co. is built on being an inclusive collaborative community and company, we know the power in working together to provide the entire Birthing Community with the care and support they deserve!

Be part of the HEALING MAMA™ Co. Guide!

This guide comes with each of our Labor & Postpartum Bags and Kits which we call our encyclopedia to childbirth and postpartum care. We have included a dedicated section for each expert to share their knowledge and expertise, tips and guidance, along with hands-on practices that can ONLY BE FOUND IN THE HEALING MAMA™ GUIDE.           


  • ONLY expert in your field that HEALING MAMA™ Co. will showcase in our coveted HEALING MAMA™ Guide.
  • Exclusive Access to the HEALING MAMA™ Wholesale Portal!
    • Ability to purchase  our Labor & Postpartum Bags, Kits, Bundles, or Products at wholesale pricing.
    • Resell to your clients/patients/members/customers at a price YOU see fit. HEALING MAMA™ Co. will not mandate your pricing.
    • Opportunity to stock up on HEALING MAMA™ products that you can to keep in your office, retail space, or for marketing campaigns and client gifts.
  • Exclusive discount code on EVERYTHING at to provide your patients and clients.
  • Showcased in the “Meet our Experts” page.
  • Plus, so much more!


  1. Complete the assessment application below > click submit!
  2. HEALING MAMA™Co. will assess your application for approval > this takes 2 – 3 business days after submission.
  3. After we have completed the initial assessment of your application, we will send you a follow up email with EITHER next steps or we will advise if your application is accepted.

*Be sure to add to your email contacts as our emails sometimes end up in the spam/junk folder. If you don’t see an email from us in 2-3 business days please check your spam/junk folder.*