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Become A Participating Business

Thank you for your interest in stocking your labor & delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding, and/or parental care products in the Healing Mama™ Home!

The following outlines the details for becoming a Healing Mama™ Participating Business:
“We”, “Us” or “Owner” refers to Healing Mama™ Co.

“You”, “Your” or “Business” refers to Individual/Business as a Healing Mama™ Participating Business.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently work with businesses that have been in business for a minimum of 2 years. We do accept exceptions to this on a case by case basis, which will be determined during your interview with Rhowena, Healing Mama™ Founder/CEO
You agree to send us the following details in order for the Healing Mama™ team to review your business:
  • Complete information below
  • Provide us with your wholesale/bulk price list
  • NOT REQUIRED – but makes the process go much faster, providing us with a sample of your Maternal, Paternal, or Parental care products specifically for labor, delivery, and postpartum that you want us to review to be added to the Healing Mama™ Home. We completely understand that not all businesses have the capacity/budget/inventory to provide a sample and know that this does NOT deter us from reviewing your business.
Please send samples to:
M8Z 1S4
It currently takes our team 10 – 14 business days to complete a thorough review of each business. We take great pride in who we partner with and want to ensure that when adding new Participating Businesses into the Healing Mama™ Home that our customers can trust that we’ve done our due diligence when considering to purchase your products for their labor, delivery, and postpartum care.
  1. If we deem your business as a wonderful fit to the Healing Mama™️ Home we will send you a breakdown of what products we would love to add and where we see your products living in the Healing Mama™️ Home. Your products will live in one or a combination of the categories listed below:
    A) Brand Packs
    B) Add On Items Categories are:
    – Breastfeeding
    – Food + Drinks
    – Skin + Hair Care
    – Mama + Partner Gear & Apparel
    – Natural Supplements + Vitamins
    – Cleanse + Recovery
    C) If we are developing or upgrading any of our Systems or Bundles and are considering to add your product to it we will inform you of that in the breakdown as well.
  2. Once you have reviewed our breakdown; if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about any of it please let us know and we will communicate accordingly to reach a mutual agreement.
  3. When we arrive at a mutual agreement we will place an initial wholesale/bulk order.
  4. If we decline your application to join the Healing Mama™ Home we will provide you with an email explanation.
We will send you an approval email and request the following required details/information to start the process of adding you into the Healing Mama™ Home:
  1. High Res Image of your Logo (JPEG or PNG)
  2. High Res Images of the products we have listed in our breakdown that was sent to you >> PLEASE ENSURE EACH PRODUCT IMAGE IS TITLED CORRECTLY
  3. Either provide us with your listing details & copy for each product OR please confirm that we can take the listing details from your website
Once ALL the above has been completed, and your listings are LIVE in the Healing Mama™ Home, we will provide you with branded digital artwork that you can use for your social media marketing.
How Healing Mama™ Introduces New Participating Businesses into the Healing Mama™ Home:
  • Social Media Post and Story of your business logo and your mission/vision
  • Product feature through static image(s) and/or stories
  • You will be invited to a “Meet The Brand” IG LIVE or Pre-recording Session.
    • PRE-RECORDED SEGMENT: If you would like to pre-record our segment together, you will indicate which date works best with you on our calendar; that will be emailed to you once your listing(s) have been completed.
    • IG LIVE: If you are comfortable doing an IG Live together you will indicate which date works best with you on our calendar; that will be emailed to you once your listing(s) have been completed. Please be sure to be on IG at least 5 minutes before our scheduled time together. As soon as you see @healingmamaco go LIVE, please join the live session. As soon as we see you in the session we will invite you to join our IG LIVE.
      • Please be camera ready dressed in attire you would wear to meet your clients/patients/customers. We want you to be comfortable and presentable.
      • Set up your area as if you are attending a trade show. So, have your banners, logos, table of products (if applicable) setup for our segment.
      • We will discuss, your story, why you started working in this field, other important info that people need to know about you and your product(s). This will be the first time we will be showcasing you, so this will be our time to highlight how amazing you and your work is!
Please complete all the information that applies to your business.
If you have a brochure, insert, or marketing material that you would like us to include in our Labor + Postpartum Systems to expectant parents, please send us a minimum of 50 pieces included in our first wholesale order from you. We know our expectant parents will appreciate learning about you!



Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Dancing For Birth Instructor, Birthing From Within Mentor, and Co-Owner of Balancing From Birth to Baby.
Bronwyn Addico has been fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and babies for as long as she can remember. After the midwife-assisted home birth of her daughter in 2005, Bronwyn became interested in midwifery.

She worked for Blue Heron Midwives for five years as an administrator and then later as an instructor in the clinics Connecting Pregnancy program.

Bronwyn has worked as a prenatal educator in the Kitchener Waterloo area for many years. After the birth of her son in 2013, she became a certified Dancing For Birth instructor. She has loved sharing the power of dance and its ability to assist women with birth and postpartum healing in our various classes.

In 2014 she embarked on a journey to become a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and spent time in California in the Spring of 2016 to further her in-depth training. Bronwyn has been deeply influenced by this program’s view of birth as an initiation into parenting and how to examine your fears of birth and parenting.

In addition, Bronwyn led the Books and Babies program at Words Worth Books for nine years. She is an early literacy expert and loves to share with families the joy of reading with your children.

Bronwyn is a single mother of two wonderful kids. She is able to share a wealth of information based on her vast array of parenting experiences. Bronwyn looks forward to meeting you and supporting you on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey either in one of her classes, a coaching session or as a doula at your birth.