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Preparing for the birth of our baby was an exhilarating and completely brand new experience. At seven months pregnant my girlfriend gave me what she called her “Mom Must Have Bag” because a girlfriend of hers made one for her. It was filled with items I had NEVER heard of before, like Witch Hazel or Padsicles and so much more!

At that moment it occurred to me that in all my baby preparation I had not done any preparation for myself!

Needless to say, I spent the next month researching items that I believed I would need for myself and for what I was about to go through. I scoured the internet for “labor & postpartum kits” and was disappointed by the high cost to quantity ratios of items and observed that there wasn’t a single kit that included the necessary items I knew I would need.

That homemade “Mom Must Have Bag” gift that was given to me helped birth HEALING MAMA™ Co., a safe and trusted home for all that you need for birth and after birth and a resource for all new and expectant parents. To not only find what they need to get through the momentous experience of childbirth and postpartum, they will have all they need to THRIVE through it!


HEALING MAMA™ Co. is raising the standard of care...