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At MadeGood, we believe that there’s no such thing as a useless snack. Every bite you take has whole ingredients that promote health, happiness, and good feelings.

Our Mission

When MadeGood’s food-loving siblings thought about wholesome snacks for kids, all it took was their passion for health, nutrition, and the planet to build a better-for-you brand.

Good is our passion.

Because snacking is for everyone, we bake MadeGood® in a dedicated nut-free facility. All our snacks are free from the most common allergens, they are organic and contain vegetable extracts. The oats we use come from an industry-leading producer of pure, uncontaminated, organic, certified gluten-free oats through its Purity Protocol. What all this means is that our snacks are allergy-friendly and really delicious.

Good is for everyone.

Right from the beginning, inclusivity was key. Creating a company that welcomes newcomers, promotes women, and offers safety and opportunity to under-represented groups is in our DNA. Everyone is welcome, and everyone thrives.

Good is high standards.

We are transparent. From our process to our production and right to the store shelves. We maintain an AA rating with BRC Global Standards, a third-party auditor of food safety and supply chain management. Great taste all comes down to quality, so we take this very seriously.

Good is a happy planet.

At MadeGood®, we support organic farmers because we care about ingredients that are healthy to eat and gentle on the earth. We are committed to baking better snacks right down to our carbon footprint. We are a B Corp and are certified by Zero Waste. We are always innovating and asking ourselves, how we can do better.

The HEALING MAMA™ Co. Vetting Process

Any product or brand we sell or work with goes through a review and evaluation as part of a test phase for recommendation and possible approval or acceptance that requires time and resources.

Thoroughly vetted by our community of experts, partners and parents:

  • Doctors or Healthcare & Wellness Practitioners or Birth Workers
  • Expecting or New or Lactating Mamas & Partners

The vetting process helps you make the best decision for your health and well-being, as well saves you time, ensures suitability, accuracy and validity, to meet the requirements of HEALING MAMA™ Co.

We re-evaluate all brands and products on a regular basis as part of good business practices.

HEALING MAMA™ Co. stands behind the brands and products to ensure they continue to meet our standards.