Our Healing Mama™ Labor & Postpartum Bags are designed to arm ALL Expectant Parents with the right products & tools to thrive through childbirth and into your postpartum healing & recovery.

Each bag is medically curated and prepackaged in a systemic, EASY to use way; all within reusable packing cubes and pouches so that you and your partner can navigate when, where, how, and why to use each product throughout your entire Bag.

The sweet spot to place your order for a Healing Mama™ Labor & Postpartum Bag is between 31 - 33 weeks pregnant. This way your bag filled with all the right products and tools will arrive by the time you hit the 36-week mark. So, if your sweet baby decides to come a wee bit early you'll be fully prepared!

The best gift for every expectant parent.