Labor & Postpartum Bags AND KITS

HEALING MAMA™ Labor & Postpartum Bags are designed to equip ALL expectant parents with the right products and tools needed for childbirth and after birth.

Each bag has medically backed products and items that are prepacked with reusable packing cubes and pouches. Including, instructional guides and information to help navigate you through the when, the how, and why to use items and where to keep items on hand during labor or postpartum.

Included in each bag is also the HEALING MAMA™ Guide, Penny Simkin’s birthing map and materials, tips from the experts and what you can expect or what to look out for during labor, postpartum, healing and recovery!

HEALING MAMA™ – All You Need When You Need It!

We recommend placing your order for a HEALING MAMA™ Labor & Postpartum Bag or Kit when you are between 30 – 33 weeks pregnant. This way you will have your Labor & Postpartum Bag by the time you hit 36-weeks, if your baby decides to come a wee bit early like some babies do, this way you will be fully prepared!

HEALING MAMA™ Giving Program

$5 to $10 from each Labor & Postpartum Bag goes towards the HEALING MAMA™ Giving Program.