Congratulations Mama you’ve made it through the first phase of your postpartum healing & recovery!

The Healing Mama™ Rejuvenation Postpartum Systems developed in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Del Bel Belluz, Naturopathic Doctor & Pelvic Floor Therapy and owner of The Village Health Clinic, are designed to support and aid new mamas that are past the 6-weeks postpartum mark – we call “PHASE 2 OF YOUR POSTPARTUM JOURNEY”. From rebalancing your hormones, treating postpartum skin and hair, breathing, pelvic floor, vitamins, supplements, lactation, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered New Mama!


  • Joeyband™ – The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles

  • Pink-A-Boob Berry Lactation Lattes by Milksta

  • Save-a-life Card Friends and Family 8-Pack

  • Postpartum Reshapewear Brief

  • Baby & Nursing Whiteboard Set by Mewl