Looking for the best gift and advice for a new mom? Introducing the Encyclopedia to labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Introducing the Encyclopedia to labor, delivery, and postpartum care. The Healing Mama™ Co. Guide is chock FULL of:
  1. Guidance, tips, practical practices, and so much more from each of our resident experts that sit on the Healing Mama™ Panel of Healthcare & Wellness Experts. Original Write-Ups, not found anywhere else but here!
  2. Information, Tips, Healing Mama Hacks, and How-To’s  for each item in the Healing Mama™ Labor + Postpartum Systems.
  3. Pre-Labor Planning Guide.
  4. Birthing Plan Guide .
  5. COMPREHENSIVE your 4th Trimester/Postpartum Planning + What to expect 
  6. Cesarean Healing and Recovery: timeline, what to expect, + MORE!
    1. PLUS, a Cesarean scar massage guide.
  7. Postpartum Depression Guide: Signs, Symptoms and Support.
Birthing Journal, filled with:
  • Birthing Inspiration 
  • Birthing Affirmations 
  • Words of encouragement to help get you to the finish line during labor!
  • The perfect way to “pass the time” during long labors is by writing a letter to yourself, your partner, older children, or anyone your heart desires.
  • Scribble or draw all over the journal to keep you grounded, focused, and relaxed (as much as possible)
You’ll also receive a separate booklet dedicated specifically to EVERYTHING you’ll need to support your Childbirth:
  • Key Questions to ask your doctor/midwife
  • Pain Medications Preference Scale
  • Road Map of Labor of safe positions 
  • The new Clarity Exercise for Maternity Care Decision-Making!
Plus, a pen and 5 inspirational stickers (styles will vary) that you can stick on your partner (LOL), around your birthing room or anywhere to help get you to the finish line of meeting your sweet babe!

Penny Simkins Birthing Material includes:

  • Key Questions Card: Wallet-sized reminders of healthcare questions
    Pain Medications Preference Scale: offers suggestions for making and supporting choices in labor and birth
  • Road Map of Labor: Pictorial journey through labor; including unmedicated labor, a “detour” for back pain, and the epidural toll highway. Appropriate activities are illustrated.
  • Safe Positions With an Epidural: a quick reference on labor positions that are safe for mothers who have been given an epidural.
  • Clarity Exercise: a new handout designed to help simplify and clarify early choices in pregnancy that impact choices later in pregnancy.


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