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Advice For A New Mom – Healing Mama Guide + Support Material


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We give you HEALING MAMA’s Encyclopedia to labor, delivery, and postpartum care which includes step-by-step guidance and instructions, labor and birthing guide, tips and hacks, HEALING MAMA™ Experts, how-to’s and what to expect, and much more support!

HEALING MAMA™ Education, 9 Piece Bundle!

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The HEALING MAMA™ Guide + Support includes the following:

  • Guidance, tips, practical practices, and so much more from each of our resident experts that sit on the HEALING MAMA™ Panel of Healthcare & Wellness Experts. Original Write-Ups, not found anywhere else but here!
  • Information, Tips, Healing Mama Hacks, and How-To’s for each item in the
  • HEALING MAMA™ Labor & Postpartum Bags.
  • Pre-Labor Planning Guide.
  • Birthing Plan Guide, with Penny Simkin’s Birthing Material, Road Map to Labor
  • COMPREHENSIVE 4th Trimester/Postpartum Planning + What to expect
  • Cesarean Healing and Recovery: timeline, what to expect, + MORE!PLUS, a Cesarean scar massage guide.
  • Postpartum Depression Guide: Signs, Symptoms and Support

9 Piece Bundle!

HEALING MAMA™ All You Need When You Need It.


25 in stock

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