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Baby & Nursing Whiteboard Set by Mewl


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Simplify parenthood with the easiest baby tracker and nursing log. It sticks to your fridge and wipes clean (marker and eraser included!). Reusable for everyday use. Snap a pic at the end of the day for record keeping.


- Bottle feedings
- Breastfeeding & pumping sessions
- Diaper changes
- Sleep times.
The 11x14 inch magnetic whiteboard has plenty of space to log baby activities and a large section for shopping lists and notes. Includes a fine tip black marker and eraser.

PERFECT SIZE: 11 x 14 inch magnetic whiteboard with plenty of space to log baby activities and a large section for shopping lists and notes.
EASIEST WAY TO MANAGE BABY SCHEDULE: Easy to fill out and accessible to everyone at home, caregivers, nannies, and babysitters. Versatile for all types of feedings including breastfeeding/nursing, pumping, and bottle/formula. Helps manage a sleep schedule and you will never forget a diaper change.
TRACK BABY DEVELOPMENT: Snap a picture of the filled out whiteboard daily to keep historical records and a handy reference when visiting the pediatrician. Understanding how much the baby is eating, how long they are sleeping, and if they have regular diaper changes will ensure healthy development. Spot growth spurts and improve sleeping habits.
LONG LASTING STAIN RESISTANT WHITEBOARD: The baby schedule whiteboard has a stain resistant high-performance PET surface. No smudgy "ghosting” or staining after repeated use.
ALL MAGNETIC ACCESSORIES - This kit includes 1 fine-tip black dry erase marker and 1 separate big eraser. Everything is magnetic so they'll always be right next to the board when you want to use them.
This easy-to-use, daily baby schedule magnetic whiteboard helps parents and caregivers monitor baby’s progress. New parents will better understand the baby’s schedule from newborn to toddler by logging daily feedings, nursing and pump schedules, sleep times, and diaper changes. The strong magnetic board sticks onto any refrigerator, where it is accessible to everyone at home or daycare. Comes with a magnetic fine tip black dry erase marker and a large magnetic eraser. Includes a section for shopping lists and other notes. Makes a wonderful and practical baby shower gift.

9 in stock (can be backordered)