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Essential Birthing Partner Labor + Postpartum System


Our prepackaged, ready-to-go Backpack AKA Healing Mama Systems are designed to provide Birthing Partner’s with added confidence, peace of mind, care, and support in the miracle of childbirth and through to your postpartum journey.

Filled with over 20+ items for a total of 40+ pieces that partners agree are exactly what’s needed and what you may or may not know to pack/bring! All to help keep you going during labor, delivery & postpartum, so that you can be the most supportive birthing partner!

Retail value if you were to buy ALL these items on your own = $155
Healing Mama™ Price = $78

50 in stock

You MUST choose 3 flavors for the Granola you want in your System

We know the impact of being a prepared, confident, and supportive birthing partner! With our Essential Birthing Partner Labor + Postpartum System we hope to support and guide you through this life changing experience. Plus, you’ll receive a Stork Pak(Canada Orders ONLY).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, go through your Healing Mama™ Co. Birthing Partner Guide BEFORE labor day!

The Healing Mama™ Co. Birthing Partner Guide is designed on 4×6 cards attached by a latch hook, so that you can keep it “hooked” on to your pants or belt to ensure you have the appropriate Guide ready for each phase of childbirth and postpartum.  We have taken it one step further by separating each portion into color-coded sections:

  1. BLACK – Pre-Labor Preparation & Planning
  2. GREEN – Labor & Delivery
  3. NAVY BLUE – Postpartum Care

Plus, a Fitness Guide from our resident Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Professional Expert, Nick Henry!

 He has put together a 5 – 20 minute routine, complete with step-by-step pictures, ALL for you to be able to keep your energy up and help keep your blood flowing, especially during those initial postpartum days/weeks. You will most likely be the one doing everything around the house while new mama is in bed healing & recovering + bonding with your new baby. So, we need you to be able to keep up with everything without burning out. We hope this simple routine will help you during this new phase.   

Included in your MEDIUM PACKING CUBE:

  • Info Card + TIPS
  • Eye Mask⁠ & Ear Plugs⁠
  • Inflatable Pillow⁠
  • Fleece Blanket *styles will vary
  • Laundry Bag⁠ *styles will vary
  • Slippers⁠ *styles will vary
  • Substance Mom: New Mama Comfort Tea, 13 g by Matter Company

Included in your MEDIUM PACKING POUCH:

  • Info Card + TIPS
  • Feel New, Relax, & Revitalise Artisanal Tea by Pukka, 3 sachets
  • Sport Electrolyte Drink Powder Mix by Ener-C, 3 packets
  • Sweet & Creamy Coffee Sachets by Nescafe, 2 packets
  • Assorted Granola Minis by Made Good, 3 packs
  • Birthday Cake Protein Bar, 21 g by Quest Bar⁠
  • Chewy Mint Mentos

Included in your SMALL PACKING CUBE:

  • Pen
  • Soft Tissue⁠
  • Face Mask
  • Hydrating Lip Balm⁠⁠
  • Antiseptic Wipes, 5 individually wrapped packets
  • Unscented Natural Deodorant, 50 g stick by Green Beaver

Included in your SMALL PACKING POUCH:

  • 100% Cotton Face Towel⁠

Plus, a Reusable Water Bottle⁠, to keep you and Mama hydrated! 

Everything is packed into a our Tree of Life Foldable 15L Backpack. You’ll receive instructions on how to fold your backpack down to a small cube less than the size of your palm.

Be sure to also check out our collection of Healing Mama™ Bundles to support specific areas of care EITHER during labor & delivery, postpartum healing & recovery, lactation, or new parenthood. 

We’ve also brought together over 150+ childbirth, postpartum, lactation, and new parenthood products from 40+ trusted brands to choose from so that you can truly customize your Healing Mama™ Labor + Postpartum System to fit you perfectly!

$5 from each Essential Birthing Partner Labor + Postpartum System goes towards the Healing Mama™ Giving Program.


The Healing Mama™ Essential Birthing Partner Labor + Postpartum System’s shipping weight is 5 lbs / 2.28 kg.