Joeyband™ – The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles

A warm hug from our heart, to your newborn. The perfect gift for the new baby in your life. Used by top hospitals and families around the world for skin-to-skin, Joeyband™ eases the transition from womb to world.   Giving babies the healthiest start and supporting parents, skin-to-skin with the Joeyband™ is proven to improve breastfeeding success, enhance bonding, lower stress levels and more.   For the Fourth Trimester, and beyond. Joeyband ™ fits snug to you.  Baby’s tummy against your chest, head above the breasts.  Band up to the nape of baby’s neck. It’s that simple. The premiere, patented, skin-to-skin product used by the leading global hospitals in the NICU, Postpartum and Operating Room. Also trusted by families around the world for safe cuddles at home (multiple uses up to two years). Did you know that when baby is skin-to-skin in Joeyband™, crying is reduced?


Joeyband™ is made in North America of Nylon Spandex, with industry strength hook and loop closure.   Imagine your favourite yoga pants, wrapping you and your baby in a soft, stretchy hug.


Joeyband™ can be hand washed, or machine washed. Bind the hook and loop prior to washing so it doesn’t snag on your other clothes. Wash on a gentle, cool setting, and either air dry flat, or tumble dry low – just like you would your favourite swimsuit or athletic wear.   Steam any wrinkles out, if you wish! Note: Joeyband™ is not a carrier, and not for co-sleeping.  It is for proper skin-to-skin positioning and breastfeeding support.


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