Mama Restore Postpartum Box (Mini) by Little Tree Apothecary


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Transitioning into new Mamahood is both joyous and exhausting all at once. Our products are designed to help support your wellbeing in this journey, naturally.  

Our Mama Restore- Postpartum Botanical Boxes offer well deserved TLC to help you feel your best, while providing natural solutions to common challenges. When we support the mamas, we are supporting the whole family and community at large. 

Our Mama Mini Box features our:

After Birth Arnica Massage Oil (2 oz): soothes achey and sore muscles while uplifting the mood.

New Mama Brew (50 g): tasty organic herbal tea that nourishes postpartum women and supports healthy lactation. 

Nipple Nourish Salve (25 g): soothes and relieves sore/cracked nipples, helping to make nursing more comfortable and enjoyable.  

3 in stock