Nipple Balm by Timi & Mila


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The Timi & Mila Nipple Balm is a combination of Cocoa Butter, Olive oil, Carnauba wax and Vitamin E that provides hydration to the skin and helps with healing cracked distressed nipples. It’s all-natural ingredients make it safe for babies who are feeding and the omission of fragrances make it safe for your babies sensitive skin and noses!

Product Features

Starting off right makes it so much easier as you go along!!!
Massaging your nipples daily will help keep it moisturized and hydrated, especially when you use the Nipple Balm, this will also increase elasticity that is most def needed when baby starts pulling latching and sucking on them👩🏻‍🍼!

Start to apply the Timi&Mila Nipple Balm while you're still 🤰🏻 pregnant!

The Timi & Mila Nipple Balm will be your new BFF, not only does it help prevent, but it also helps heal cracked, inflamed, irritated nipples too!

You def don't wanna go without it!

2 in stock (can be backordered)