Perineal Healing + Cooling Foam by Frida Mom


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Get instant cooling pain relief from vag to tush with this witch hazel foam that absorbs into the sore spots, not the pad.

  • RELIEVE PAIN: Perineal Healing Foam is Step 5 in the Frida Mom 5-step Postpartum Recovery Regimen.
  • COOLING PAIN RELIEF: Foam gets where you need it to cover the entire perineal area from vag to tush.
  • PRO TIP: pop in the fridge for even more cooling relief.
  • REDUCE SWELLING: Infused with witch hazel to speed up healing of hemorrhoids and the entire perineal area.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Made with medicated witch hazel without dyes or fragrances.
  • HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIAL: Use after the first postpartum bathroom trips at the hospital and back at home.

WHAT'S INSIDE? Net 5 fl. oz. witch hazel foam

Product Features

This full-coverage medicated foam gets cooling relief where you need it — not in the pad, but on your vag. No harsh chemicals, dyes, or fragrances. Reduces swelling of the perineal area and hemorrhoids. Provides instant cooling relief.

• Reduces swelling and provides hemorrhoid relief
• Speeds healing
• No harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances
• Witch Hazel astringent is 50%
• Does not contain benzocaine

CARE DETAILS: 5 fl. oz

32 in stock