Pink-A-Boob Berry Lactation Lattes by Milksta

Dying for some pink sips. Have we got a no-sugar, all-organic, way nursing-friendlier, much-much better alternative for you! Made in the USA, Milksta’s Pink-a-Boob is the lactating momma’s strawberry latte fix with a vegan, low-calorie, and probiotics-infused delight that’s oh so fruity and creamy. 5 lactation-boosting superfoods in every cup… Milksta Lactation Brew is formulated with natural & organic lactogenic food ingredients to help boost breast milk supply & production. Moringa leaves, nutritional yeast, oat milks, dates, plant-based creamers, and stevia work together to help increase breast milk supply and production. YOUR HUG IN A MUG! Enjoy a perfect brew with zero caffeine, additives, or worries added. Milksta coffees and teas are blended with all the nursing momma-friendly ingredients for a relaxing, guilt-free mug of love.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.