Prebiotic + Probiotic Snack Bars by WELO

Welo’s a kid-approved snacking company that’s low in sugar, made with real ingredients and full of love. Based out of Waterloo, Ontario, all of its products are made locally in Canada. Their line of school ready snack bars are locally-made using real, functional ingredients, containing daily probiotics, prebiotics and fiber. All this, with half the sugar (3g) of the average snack bar!

Your family’s snacking choices are now tastier, healthier, and even a little more functional. Welo’s school-ready bars are locally-made using real ingredients plus a day’s worth of immunity-boosting probiotics and prebiotics, all with half the sugar of the average bar (only 3 grams!). Plus, Welo spreads love through upcycled packaging and local and global causes. Welo’s promise to you? To always be low in sugar, with real ingredients, and full of love.

Welo’s Promise 

We keep it Low in Sugar, with Real ingredients and full of Love.

  • Real (& functional) Ingredients
    • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
    • non-GMO verified + plant-based
    • Kosher + corn and soy free 
    • Source of fibre 
    • Function – such as immunity-boosting probiotics and prebiotics 
  • Low in Sugar
    • 3 grams per bar
    • 50% less sugar than leading bars and beverages 
  • Love 
    • Give back to our community 
    • Spread love to our planet by supporting local and global causes
    • Locally-made 

Less Sugar. More Yummm.


Apple Crumble
Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate
Totally Bananas
Very Berry