The Essential Postpartum Bleeding Protection Bundle


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Designed to provide new mama with all her postpartum lochia(blood) leakage needs AKA immediately after childbirth you will bleed more than any menstruation you have ever had! That is why it is very important to have the RIGHT postpartum bleeding protection products prepared to “suck up” all the blood. Conveniently packed in a large packing cube so that you can easily add it to your hospital bag for D-Day! Lochia Blood is a bloody fluid made up of blood, placental tissue, sloughed-off endometrial lining, and mucous.

Pre-pregnancy size S – M = Labor + Postpartum System Size: PETITE
Pre-pregnancy size L – XL = Labor + Postpartum System Size: REGULAR


Here is a breakdown of what is included in the Essential Postpartum Bleeding Protection Bundle:

  • Large Packing Cube
  • Mesh Underwear, 5 pieces
  • Disposable Blue Underpads, 5 pieces
  • Disposable Overnight Underwear (Diapers), 5 pieces
  • Heavy Flow Maternity Pads by Natracare, 10 pieces

Plus, we have over 100+ Add On Items from trusted brands to choose from so that you can truly customize your Healing Mama Labor + Postpartum System to fit you perfectly!

100 in stock

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