Ultimate Labor & Postpartum Hospital Bag

Our Ultimate Labor & Postpartum Bag is our medically backed, systematically organized, ready-to-go Postpartum Hospital Bag is designed to aid expectant parents for ALL possible labor outcomes, from vaginal births to cesarean births and everything in between. So, no matter what happens you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you’ll need to thrive through labor, delivery, and your postpartum healing & recovery. Filled with over 45+ items for a total of over 100 pieces of the best items for postpartum care products that new mama’s agree are exactly what’s needed AND also what’s “nice to have”!

Retail value if you bought ALL of these items on your own = $459 Healing Mama™ Price = $287.88 SAVING YOU OVER $171 !!!

SIZING: Pre-pregnancy size S – M = Labor + Postpartum System Size: PETITE Pre-pregnancy size L – XL = Labor + Postpartum System Size: REGULAR

We have systematically organized and arranged your postpartum care items into travel packing cubes and pouches with simple to navigate instructions for:⁠

When & How do I use these items?

Where to keep these items on hand during labor or postpartum?

️Tips & Hacks for the best ways to use each item and ways to boost your healing by combining which items together, without compromising your unique body’s recovery needs.⁠ 

️Birth Planning, Postpartum Planning/4th Trimester Planning, Cesarean Planning, and so much more!⁠

Remember to go through all the information and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your Healing Mama™ Co. Guide + Birthing Guide + Postpartum Depression Guide all included with your Healing Mama Labor & Postpartum Bag.

You’ll also receive a Pen, Birthing Journal, Inspirational Birthing Stickers (Which you can stick these around your birthing room to help keep you going), Information from our Partners and a Stork Pak (Canada Orders ONLY).

Included in your “KEEP ME IN THE WASHROOM” Bundle:

  • Packing Cube
  • Info Cards + TIPS
  • Hospital Grade Mesh Underwear, 8 pieces
  • Disposable Blue Under pads, 5 pieces
  • Organic Maternity Pads by Natracare, 20 pieces (2 boxes)
  • Disposable Overnight Underwear (Mama Diapers), 5 pieces
  • Unscented Handmade Olive Oil Soap Bar by Sitti Soaps in a Soap Travel Case


  • Packing Cube
  • Info Cards + TIPS
  • Soft Tissue
  • Organic Coconut Oil, 2 ounces 
  • Vitamin E Oil, 60 ml by Derma-E
  • Slip-On Comfy Socks *styles will vary
    • Substance Mom: New Mama Cooling Spray, 30 mL by Matter Company
    • Substance Mom: New Mama Herbal Sitz Bath, 13 g by Matter Company
    • Substance Mom: New Mama Nipple Creme, 28 g by Matter Company
    • Substance Mom: New Mama Comfort Tea, 13 g by Matter Company
  • TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Gel Pads by Lansinoh
  • Inflatable Vinyl Cushion/ Medical Hemorrhoid Donut Pillow with Pump

Included in your “KEEP THIS BY YOUR BEDSIDE” Bundle:

  • Packing Pouch
  • Info Cards + TIPS
  • Assorted Caffeine-Free Artisanal Tea by Pukka, 3 sachets
  • Arnica Montana 30CH, 80 Pellets by Boiron – Postbirth Muscle & Pain Relief
  • Vegan, Caffeine-Free Lactation Latte by Milksta
  • Antiseptic Wipes, individually wrapped packets
  • All-in-One Protein Powder Sachet by Vega
  • BPA Free Water Bottle & Shaker Ball (style may vary)
  • Electrolyte Sport Packet by Ener-C
  • Chewy Mentos Mints
  • Hair Ties, 10 pieces
  • Bag of Prunes
  • Soft Tissue
  • Eye Mask
  • Headband
  • Ear Plugs

Included in your “VAJAYJAY CLEANSING BOTTLE” Bundle:

  • Reusable Case 
  • Information Pamphlet filled with TIPS + Product Details
  • Ultimate Upside-Down Vajayjay Cleansing Bottle, with 2 spout heads (great to use as a personal travel bidet after your postpartum period. Keep it in your reusable case, so you can throw it into your travel bag for your future travel adventures)

Included in your “ESSENTIAL PADSICLE BUNDLE” Bundle:

  • Step by Step Instructions & FAQ’s Pamphlet
  • Application Bottle
  • Insulated Freezer Tote
  • Aloe Vera Gel Tube, 113g 
  • Lavender Essential Oil, 15ml
  • Sterile Hospital Maternity Pads, 10 pieces
  • Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, 89ml by Thayer’s

Everything is packed into a Beautiful 23L Weekender Bag. 

Be sure to also check out our collection of Healing Mama™ Bundles to support specific areas of care EITHER during labor & delivery, postpartum healing & recovery, lactation, or new parenthood. 

We’ve also brought together over 150+ individual childbirth, postpartum, lactation, and new parenthood products from over 40+ trusted brands to choose from so that you can truly customize your Healing Mama™ Labor & Postpartum Bag to fit you perfectly!

$10 from each Ultimate Labor + Postpartum System goes towards the Healing Mama™ Giving Program.   


The Healing Mama™  Ultimate Labor & Postpartum Bag’s shipping weight is approximately 13 lbs / 6 kg.


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