Ultralight Inflatable Travel Pillow


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TIP: Inflate your pillow to the firmness or softness that is most comfortable. And when you’re not using the pillow you can place it on new mama's lower back for added support while she’s sitting up in bed during her postpartum healing.

Product Features

TO INFLATE: Pinch flat or bite flat the nozzle - blowing it for a few seconds.It will inflate in just a couple of breaths and stays aired up for days.

TO DEFLATE: Pinch the nozzle flat and deflate it by pressing the pillow down on a table. Once deflated you can fold the pillow up and store away.
Made of ultralight soft PVC water-resistant fabric material. We hope you continue to use your inflatable pillow during camping, travelling or any future adventures. Inflated size- Length: 13.58 inches Width: 9.45 inches

25 in stock